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Should I do a first look on my wedding day?

First Look

A new trend for couples getting married is to stage a first look with one another.  There are several pros and cons to this pre-arranged meeting, let’s take a look…

PRO:  Having a first look allows the couple to immediately share in this moment together.  A groom awaiting his bride as she walks down the aisle only to be turned to face the officiant as she arrives can sometimes be cruel.  The groom probably wants nothing more than to tell his soon to be wife how she looks.  With a first look the couple has some time to “de-stress” a bit and talk about how their day has gone and how they are feeling.

CON:  Tradition.  We don’t lobby for tradition sake alone, but there is something special to seeing your bride/groom for the first time as those doors swing open.  Also, guests look forward to witnessing this special moment together with you.

PRO:  Pictures and video.  A bride and groom can set the stage for a first look to have a beautiful backdrop and allow the professionals to get the best angles possible.  The first look and reactions captured in a staged first look can be worth it alone.  With seeing one another prior to the ceremony it also lends itself to more photographs/video prior to the ceremony, which will in turn cut down on time between the ceremony and reception.

CON:  Although it is a trade off for more pictures prior to the ceremony – typically this will lengthen your day a bit.  Scheduling a first look adds a good thirty+ minutes to your timeline of events.

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