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Should I have my wedding rehearsal dinner captured in video?

Short answer:  Yes!

Let’s think about the rehearsal dinner.  The setting is relaxed.  The food is usually your favorite dishes.  The company is often those, and only those, that are closest to you.  Nearly everyone who means something to you is in attendance.  With most of the wedding details being made by the bride and her family, the rehearsal dinner is often a night in which the grooms family can add their touch to the weekend’s festivities.  It is most often a night to be remembered.

The night typically has a grooms cake, framed pictures of the bride and groom with their families as the grew up, and other details with meaning to the couple.  Sometime after dinner has been served the mic is usually open for those to offer a toast to the bride and groom.  Some families opt for an open mic while others have a set lineup of those to offer a toast.

Although the details, setting, and guests mingling are great memories to capture and be able to relive in the years to come – the toasts are a MUST capture.  These are going to be some of the nicest words and kindest toasts you all will ever hear from the absolute closest people in your lives.  Similar to a wedding day, you will hear the toasts and feel the emotion in person, but the specifics will be lost over time (without video coverage.)

With video coverage you will have these words to hold on to forever.  Whether it is a grandparent, father, or closest friend;  the stories heard from their perspective will be worth capturing.

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