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The people voted….

It is such an honor to receive the award of Best Videogapher in the Upstate.  We could not put our thoughts into a simple social media post.  If permissible, we’d like to take this blog post as our stage and step to the podium to give some thoughts and acknowledge the people who actually made this a reality. First off – thank you Greenville News and Best of the Upstate for presenting us with such an amazing award!  

Our area is full of artistic talent with which we are a great option in the upstate. It does not come easy to accept “the best” for us..   …but for the sake of everyone’s vote – we will humbly hold the title for Best in the Upstate.

Brides, grooms, and families

Thank you to each and every bride, groom, and family who has trusted us to share in capturing your wedding day(s). You are actually more than just clients to me/us..  I remember our first wedding out in Villa Rica, Georgia back in 2012 with the prettiest bride and her daddy – the sweetest officiant.  I remember the groom who ripped his pants (just recently actually).  I remember “the snakes” celebrating the Kween.  The surprise dances.  The mascots arriving.   I remember all the rooftop dancing, the many staged first looks, prayers with family, grandma’s kissing their loves, all the flower girls, father/daughter dances, and grand exits.  These are all memories of which I am proud to have shared.  Many don’t realize, but not only do I get to witness these events first hand, but then I get to watch them back dozens of times as I edit the films in the following months.  I actually get to know the families real well as I later edit the films. You all are more than clients – for that I thank you!  

To each family who allowed me/us to fit in and share with your closest family and friends on the biggest celebration of your lives – thank you.  Thank you for making us feel welcome.  Thank you for your hospitality.  Thank you for trusting us.  

Thank you for sharing your experience and relationship with us to others… Did you know about 85% of our business is from word of mouth?  It is rare for us to attend a wedding and not see a former bride of ours.  Sometimes we see three, four, or five brides all at the same wedding/reception.  It almost feels like a reunion of sorts.  As we get to know each bride so well – and then to all be together celebrating a new bride to add to the #bestbride family.  Thank you for sharing us with your friends!  We truly believe we get the best brides and they typically keep good company – so the shares are very much appreciated – thank you! 

Recent Brides:

Wedding professionals

Each wedding is unique and has many moving parts. For this reason several wedding professionals are hired to share their specific expertise in creating a perfect day for the families who are uniting. Each hired wedding pro is important not only to the families, but to one another. For us to capture the beauty that is a wedding day – we enjoy having the best floral arrangements, the most hospitable venue staff, the coordinator who does more than I can speak to, the photographer who works with a team like approach to the day. Without these type of professionals we would not have the success we have. Thank you wedding professionals!!

**Check our blog archives for our preferred wedding professionals.


My wife has always been my biggest supporter and has encouraged me all along the way. Thank you! She puts up with my crazy work hours (weekends and late into the night). She has gone above and beyond with our kids and all the while growing her own wildly successful company within the last few years (The Front Porch).

My second shooter. My right hand man. My dad. Thank you for always working so hard with any and everything that is required in the trenches of a wedding day. Thank you.

My extended family for always helping make sure my kids are cared for and loved while we are away doing weddings. Thank you!

Although not family – a few people helped get me excited about wedding videography in my early years and taught me quite a bit about the craft. Thank you to Jeff Bradt for all you taught me. Thank you James and Marianne Player for allowing me to work alongside you for a short bit. You are all masters in wedding videography and I am thankful for your time with me.

Photo: Wedding Pro: Allison Elizabeth


My faith is a big part of my life and it is God who has brought me this far and to Him I give all the credit. He has done great things for me and I only hope He continues to use me for many years to come.


Thank you to all who voted for Perry Productions. Thank you for all who have supported and continue to support Perry Productions. We love family, friends, and fans who keep up with us and help share our media with others. Thank you! Thank you!

Best of the Upstate – Videographer

Perry Productions Wedding Video

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