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December/Covid Discount 2020

Due to spiking numbers of Covid cases we are seeing more and more couples having to navigate the uncertainty of planning a wedding.  Some have had these plans in place their entire lives.  Most are ready to be married.  However, we are noticing couples wrestling with all the tough questions that come with the already stressful time of planning a wedding.

Do we ask guests to travel?
Will we have restrictions in place?
Should we postpone?

Unfortunately, we do not have any "right answers" simply because there are no "right answers."  What we can offer is the power of video.  We have always believed in the power of video and the ability to not only relive your wedding day, but also share it with others.  We can step in place of tens and hundreds of guests.  It may not be the perfect solution, but it is a solution.  We have found many couples see the value in this (whether the budget was cut elsewhere or just the importance of letting grandparents participate - even if thru video).

For these reasons we are offering a HUGE discount for the entire month of December, 2020 on any package selection.

We are hopeful to help a family or two make this decision slightly easier.  Fill out an inquiry to check on availability and let us know if you'd like to Learn More..

*This discount is only for weddings that will take place in December 2020.

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