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These wedding video faqs provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we have received over the years.  If you don’t find the answer to a question you may have we would love to hear from you – Contact

Is the highlight video all I get?
No.  Your highlight video is the most engaging way to share your entire day with family and friends.  Depending on package selection, you will receive plenty more video options on your final DVD(s).

Do you travel and if so, what do you charge?
Yes.  We have our favorite venues to shoot while in town, but love to travel and experience new venues as well.  If the wedding is 50+ miles outside of Greenville, SC we include travel rates.

How do I secure my date with you?
Fill out our online inquiry to check availability and we will be happy to send along some literature if we are available for your date.  After we discuss and select the perfect package we will email an invoice along with a contract.  We then require 1/3 of total balance and signed contract to reserve your date.

What time will you arrive on my wedding day?
Arrival time depends on the package selected and your schedule.  For packages one and two we will arrive one hour before the ceremony to begin setting up gear.  Packages three and four we will arrive as early as you’d like!  For the latter two packages we prefer to arrive along with the girls for “girl prep,” you have unlimited coverage so might as well get all you can!

Can you capture aerial footage?
Yes we can!!  We fly the drone any and every chance we get!  Unfortunately there are too many variables to guarantee the drone goes up any given week.  If we can, we will.

Do you offer RAW footage?
No.  We average approximately 10 hours of footage for each wedding.  Often times we have the same shot multiple times and from various angles.  You do not actually want this…  We have found a way to suit these desires though.  Our “Full Day” edit can sometimes best be explained by stating it is a glorified home video.  A lot of the footage you may not want on the internet but will cherish having on a DVD will be found here.

Can you prepare a slideshow for us to show at our rehearsal dinner?
Yup!  We used to offer this as part of a package, but now we offer it as an add on (to help simplify our package options).  We have a very unique style in doing this, we’d love to pass along a few examples if you are interested.

*Note: For this portion our work ends with a completed DVD.  It will be up to the venue or your planner to arrange the actual showing of the video (dvd player, projector/TV, speakers, screen, tissues, etc.)

Do you offer still photography too?
No. Although there are similarities between photography and videography,  there are several differences.

Some still photographers are starting to experiment with video and even offer this as an add-on to their still photography packages. We don’t think there is anything wrong with this (in fact, we’ve seen some pretty cool stuff from still photographers who are doing video too). But in most cases, video is not their specialty.

We are hyper-focused on just one thing. wedding cinematography. We want to be the very best we can possibly be at it, especially since you’re trusting us with it for the most important day of your entire life. This is why we’re okay leaving the photography to photographers (and videography to videographers).

What else do you want to tell me about wedding videography?
The pressure of a wedding videographer is great.  You only get one chance to do it right. The vows will not be repeated, the first dance will only happen once, and there are no redo’s with your grand exit.

Your wedding video is one of the only items you get to take away with you from your wedding day. You can’t go back and get more footage or better audio once it happens. Are you going to really trust your uncle to do that for you?  You will be able to find other videographers at a cheaper price, but we take pride in offering the best value.

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