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We take pride in and are honored to have been hired as wedding videographer for each of the following weddings.  Each wedding video is unique, yet holds true to our style.  It is hard to beat a Greenville wedding, but we enjoy to travel the southeast.  We really do believe we attract the #bestbrides and hope the fun and emotion shine through in the videos below.  Should you have us share in capturing your day?  Availability

Wedding highlight videos are not all we are capable of editing.  Take a look at some of the special clips we have put together for couples:

Our cinematic style aims to add an extra couple layers that will increase the emotional impact on the viewer.  We do this by replaying a wedding day out of sequence in which it actually happened.  In each video there will be elements of suspense, emotion, and celebration.  We include the use of slow motion, saturated colors, creative camera angles, transition effects, and dramatic music to help carry the story in a unique way.  Wedding videos like never before.


Cliffs of Glassy Wedding - Greenville Wedding Videos
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