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Highlight Package

Highlight Package Final Product:  Delivered digitally only (no dvd included).

Video Features: The wedding highlight is our most popular edit and will weave in and out of the day with a cinematic flow.  There will be elements of suspense, emotion, and celebration.  Most of the cinematic highlight films land on our Portfolio Page.

On Site: Videographer will be on site for the entire day (no limits/block scheduling).  From bride prep to grand exit - we will capture it all.

Gear:  We have over ten camcorders and a handful of audio recording devices.  We have lighting setup, drones, and all the extras to capture everything we need.  All of this will be at our disposal.

More:  This is a new package option (first offered in 2021-2022).

Commonly asked question(s): can we later request and pay for additional footage?  YES!  However, the day will be filmed with the highlight film as our only focus - full length edits may be lacking if added back after the fact (for example: we may not film Grandma walking the entire aisle as that just does not make the best highlight footage - rather we'd take more creative/risky shots to bring the highlight film to the next level).  Pieces of full length edits will be missing.  At the same time, we will never withhold footage and hope that you'd want to relive more of your day.  We would agree to a price to get you everything desired.

Experience: We have filmed three weekends with this package, as a test.  It is becoming a favorite by many..  However, we are still navigating the proper price point - this price may change - so book now before the rates increase.  Whatever is listed below (at the time of booking) as "investment" will be honored.

Investment: $2000

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