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Maggie and Brodie

Rock Hill Wedding Video

Rock Hill Wedding – St John’s UMC

The perfect couple sharing in the perfect wedding day together. We have come to really know and love this family, a family full of some of the absolute best brides. This is a family full of love and meaningful relationships. Thank you for allowing us to share in editing some of the best moments of your lives!

…back to the perfect couple. We hope you all enjoy watching the contagious love these two share.  We are so happy Brodie and Maggie prepared letters to one another with personal vows (shared outside the ceremony); these are vows they will cling to for a lifetime.   Could this couple be anymore good looking and photogenic?  Listen to the toast given from Brodie’s father and then Maggie’s father – they have such special relationships.  Truly, the perfect couple.

Editor’s moments:  We LOVE a Christmas season wedding.  It allows perfect colors, décor, and even party guests (watch to find out who).  Maggie’s dress – WOW!!  The bouquets.  Maggie, the most beautiful bride.  Brodie and all his guys cutting up with even signing songs together; such a genuine and laid back group.  The families.  The words.  The love shared.  The party as all celebrated this union together.  Such a sweet and fun edit.

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