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3 tips for writing a wedding day love letter

Whether or not you hire a videographer for your wedding day a love letter written to your soon to be spouse is a must.  For most, this day is a life long dream and a lifelong commitment.  A letter written is the best way to unpack the scripted wedding vows and create something on a more personal level.  To help those sitting down to put pen to paper, allow us to give three tips to help guide you…

Be Genuine.  
There are a lot of feelings for a bride and groom as their wedding day approaches.  And rightfully so, this day will change the rest of their lives.  In your letter writing allow those feelings to shine through.  You are probably one or all of the following:  nervous, excited, emotional, glowing, hopeful, encouraged, longing, and possibly/probably “ready.”  Tell your soon to be spouse exactly what you are feeling.

My wife and I actually had our videographer set us down (10+ years ago) for a series of video sessions where we shared some of these very real feelings.  As we watch our wedding video back I would have forgotten most of these feelings had we not had them captured.  Feelings are sometimes fleeting in nature as we often remember the event, we remember the overall joy, we remember bits and pieces, but not the specifics.

For these reasons, be genuine in your emotions and let them be known in your letter to your bride/groom.

Yes, on the task at hand; but that is not the point/tip..   Focus on the past, the present, and the future.

The past:  retell your story.  Recall the special moments in your relationship (how you met, when you “knew,” the proposal, etc).  Touch on how you felt in these moments.

The present:  all the planning has nearly come to an end – set that aside.  Speak to the character of your bride/groom.  Who are they?  How do they make you feel?  What are you proud of?  Who have they made you become?  What does your wedding day mean for you?

The future:  Where do you see you and your bride/groom in ten years?  Twenty? When you are old and grey?  Tell them your hopes and dreams.  It will be special to watch the video back or pull the letter out and share this with your children one day.

Make it a priority.
Do not put off giving these letters great thought.  Do not wait until the morning of your wedding day and write something down.  Think of all the times you’ve written letters/cards to others.  How much more special is a wedding day?  How much more special is the person you are about to marry?  Take the time necessary to create a genuine and meaningful letter to the love of your life.

**Bonus tip – while this is a priority,  get some decent paper or stationary.  Do NOT write this letter out on a leftover napkin!

**The above clip is from a recent wedding we filmed and choose to open their cinematic wedding highlight with this series of clips.  Do you see how the words fade and lend itself to a beautiful opening to a film?  We do not require letters and/or the capturing of them, but they are highly encouraged.

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