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Is wedding video really necessary?

Wedding video packages are a new idea and one more thing to add to the to-do list for newly engaged couples.  Unfortunately for most, this consideration is often put at the bottom of said list.  For generations past couples were lucky to have had an old VHS camcorder pointed at the alter and captured some movement (and audio if really lucky).  With the advancement of technology and the ability to share media across the world combined with the art of wedding videography a wedding video package is becoming a must.

A wedding video does not replace the necessity of having a professional photographer who can deliver quality prints for couples to hang on a wall of their new home.  At the same time, a photograph does not replace the necessity to capture all the words, reactions, and emotion of a wedding day.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words;  one can only wonder the value in a video.

For those planning a wedding it is our hope that they prioritize their wants, needs, and budget accordingly.  It is a balancing act.  For each couple the priorities may change slightly to drastically.  For some, an extra food station is more important than higher quality film production.  For others, the best photographer may trump the quality DJ/band.  There is no wrong answer….

…Until hindsight.

The number one regret for couples who do not hire a videographer?  Not hiring a videographer.  Don’t take our word for it – go ask Google.  Wedding video should be a priority for each couple looking to tie the knot and best hold on to those memories.

UPDATE:  below are a few samples of video we’ve captured:

Take a look at Stephanie’s reaction caught in video.  We also included slight audio from our groom mic.  She had no idea Scott (groom) had upgraded her wedding ring.  This could not have been captured any other way.

Like these clips show, we could pull footage from each wedding we shoot and compile priceless memories captured and preserved through video.

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