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Wedding Pro Spotlight: Planner


Most weekends are spent working side by side with other wedding professionals whom all have the same end goal in mind – deliver quality product/service to our couples, families, and guests.  We all know and most enjoy the pressure of a wedding day and understand the flow of how each day may unfold.  To be in the trenches with one another a team like approach almost comes naturally.  It always works best to be partners together while all striving for our end goal.

Farrah Redmon Events is known for their impeccable design, professionalism, and execution. They take care of it all, adding their personal touch and creative attention to every detail. They believe it is the details that really matter and that is one of their favorite parts of any event.

1434943007.pngFarrah Redmon and her girls.

Farrah Redmon Events is a professional event planning company. Each of their events are highly customized and tailored to reflect the personality and essence of each client. Farrah’s team will manage the planning process, create the over-all event vision, coordinate and logistically manage vendor load-in, production and load-out.

We have worked with Farrah on more than a handful of occasions and each time we see her name on our client questionnaire we know it will be a wedding planned and executed to perfection.  We receive more than enough information prior to the wedding to best help us plan for our day together.  When the wedding day arrives Farrah will follow thru to make sure every detail is as envisioned and people make their marks in a timely matter.  She handles herself with both authority and grace – it is learned and developed skill of which she has perfected.

For those planning a wedding – let Farrah share in this process with you.  She will be the person to allow you to enjoy the process (and your day) all while knowing every detail along the way is well under control.  Farrah is always on the top of our list for wedding planning recommendation.

Farrah Redmon Events

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