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WHEN to book your wedding video

when to book wedding video
book wedding video checklist

Ten to Twelve Months

With each engagement and wedding planning season slightly different there is not any cookie cutter mold that will fit each ceremony/celebration. For our purposes we will use averages to give you an idea on how/when to plan our your wedding, specifically in regard to wedding video.

To have a better chance at securing the vendors of your choice before moving on to your second/third options – the sooner the better. For that reason many couples choose to have a longer engagement season. If you do not have a full twelve months to plan it is still recommended to modify a good checklist to be sure all your bases are covered. Typically we have found most couples: 1. set a date 2. secure venues 3. book wedding professionals.

Honestly, it is never to early to book.. Always best to be safe rather than sorry. Find out what you want – go get it!  Schedule your consultation now to see if we are available!!

If there is one thing I truly dislike within this industry….

It  is to have to tell a bride that we are already booked for their wedding date. With our style – I/Nate shoot and edit each video – I do not care to outsource any work as I think this is unfair to the couple. I think each bride/groom deserves a quality wedding video and when I enjoy being responsible for making that happen.  In having this approach we/I can only shoot one wedding per Saturday…  To have to turn away weddings – weddings of which I know are going to be gorgeous is something I truly dislike.

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