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Wedding Pro Spotlight: Artist

Brooke Ring

Most weekends are spent working side by side with other wedding professionals whom all have the same end goal in mind – deliver quality product/service to our couples, families, and guests.  We all know and most enjoy the pressure of a wedding day and understand the flow of how each day may unfold.  To be in the trenches with one another a team like approach almost comes naturally.  It always works best to be partners together while all striving for our end goal.

Brooke Ring is an artist from Greenville, SC.  Brooke holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from Furman University where she graduated in 2012.

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“Live painting is such a fun and unique way to connect with people from so many different places and backgrounds and allow them as viewers to engage in my work and become a part of the creative process. I draw energy from them and the pieces that I create in a live setting always contain a distinct energy that cannot be replicated alone in a studio.”

Brooke’s work is influenced by her faith and it is her hope that it would bring a taste of southern hospitality and grace wherever it may go.

“I only want to create paintings that make people happy and if I can add a little more joy to someone’s life, then I would consider my work a success.”

From a videographer standpoint – Brooke is incredibly talented in what she does.  To watch a blank canvas come to life with each brush stroke is entertainment at its best.  Whether the couple is enjoying their first dance as husband and wife or in front of their guests reciting their vows – Brooke is capturing the memory just as it happens.  To have such a work of art is special, but to have it painted as it happens is a new trend of which Brooke is leading the way.

Brooke is one of the friendliest professionals we’ve met in the wedding industry.  She will chat with wedding guests and probably answer the same questions dozens of times throughout the evening (all with a smile on her face).  With Brooke you are not only getting an amazing piece of art, but live and friendly entertainment for the guests to enjoy on your wedding day.

We captured a glimpse into this live entertainment and memorable piece of art in the clip below.

If you were not attending the wedding you may not notice all the attention to detail captured.  If you take a closer look, the following is true to the live scene:  parents of the bride, parents of the groom, maid of honor, bridesmaids, Men of Distinction (band), two men playing violins for the cocktail hour, the bar with two bartenders, monogram on the wall, unique dance floor, the ivy stairwell, the white couches in the background, even the color of the stage skirt and clothes the guests are wearing.

wedding first danceHere you see the canvas hanging on the wall in the home of the newlyweds.
A live piece of art in more ways than one.
Wedding video live painting

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